Required but not required invisible and therefore impossible CAPTCHA

Seriously? Are you fucking serious? 

I want to contact your company for a quote, but you force me to enter a CAPTCHA to submit the form. But the fucking CAPTCHA image isn’t loading! 

Oh wait, it’s not a required field. Ok, great I’ll just skip that. NOPE! DENIED! It actually is required, even though the handy but ugly required field asterisk isn’t shown next to it.

Well, off I go to a competitor. Well done team. Jesus.

Common UX shittiness on restaurant websites

When I visit a restaurant website, what’s the one thing I need to see to decide if I’m going to eat there? The menu, of course. 

Why though, oh shitty restaurant website developers, do you have to make me download a PDF? PDFs are the devil’s filetype. If you’re trying to attract hellish demons as your primary client base, feel free.

If you do give me a menu online, as you should, what else do you think I want to know? The prices, of course. 

Your ‘fusili con pomodoro’ isn’t some high-class, molecular gastronomic innovation. It’s twisty pasta with tomato sauce. Call it a silly name if you like, but I’ll be the judge of whether it’s good or not. Don’t pretend it’s classy by hiding the prices, or I simply won’t turn up. Or I will, but I’ll only be there to order ‘fusili con pomodoro’, seek out the manager and then throw it in his face.

And the worst thing you can do on a restaurant site? NOT SHOW ME ANY FUCKING MENU AT ALL!

Don’t force me make a phone call… I decided to look at your website for a reason. If I like what I see I’m going to pay you shit loads of money for twirly pasta with tomato sauce, so help me out here…

Shit restaurant websites at the shard:


This site looks pretty decent. Great visual design, and the app looks really cool so i want to sign up and try it out. 

Headline, cool. Description, cool. ‘Use the arrows to navigate’, ok… *Click*.

Click the arrows, they said


*Click*… *clickclickclick*


Ooooh you mean that big one that i didn’t see at all? Fine, i’ll click that then I can sign up…*click*.

5 pages before a call to action

 no? *click* really? *click* REALLY!? *click*

Jeeze, 5 pages before I can sign up? You’re lucky you looked so awesome, Latte…

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